Amalia Ajoran

age: 120
sex: female
clade: nearbaseline
team role: assistant curator

Amalia Ajoran was born a baseline on an isolationist colony moon in the Outer Volumes. The first city she lived in was fabulous and rich, and her father ran in the highest circles. Unfortunately her father was also a liar and a thief. When Amalia was still fairly young, her father was caught, and he took her and fled the city. They ended up in a population center on the planet below, this one cosmopolitan and corrupt. Though Amalia’s father tried to infiltrate the higher circles here, eventually he despaired of his efforts, and he and Amalia slid into poverty.

A local family took Amalia in. She stayed with them until she was old enough, then changed her name and ran away to join the military.

Years later, her military career led her into a secret spaceflight program aiming to bring the colony back into the galactic fold. She volunteered to go on one of its first missions, with the stipulation that she not be required to return. Once her duties were complete, she faded into galactic society, wandering for years and years and slowly transforming herself into a fully augmented nearbaseline.

In time, she encountered the transapient museum ship, which offered her a place on board. Since then she has attained the role of assistant curator, training under Gohar so that, one day, she may become chief curator. No possible future could make her happier.

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