Edic Tho

age: 390
sex: male
clade: Imtonasi
team roles: assistant anthropologist, scout, drone maintainer

Edic is one of the Imtonasi, a spider splice species. Like most of his kind, he enjoys life, loves work, and embraces any excuse to laugh and celebrate. He is relentlessly cheerful and extremely fond of earthy, organic things. Skilled at weaving, he wears clothes made from his own silk when he is off-duty. He is also skilled in the traditional Imtonasi martial art, ingekono.

Edic was the middle child of a triplet birth, which are common among the Imtonasi. However, he always felt like the odd one out. Though he grew up on a beautiful orwood in the Outer Volumes, once he matured, he left to find adventure in a cosmopolitan city. Eventually his keen sense of curiosity led him to the transapient museum ship, who offered him work. The adventures they have had since then have made him very happy, and his youth has made him the darling of everyone else on the team.

When he is aboard the ship, EdicĀ assists Karel in his anthropology research. On digs, he splits his time between assisting Karel, scouting, and maintaining machinery and drones.

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