age: ancient
sex: usually female
clade: low-gravity tweak
relationships: partnered with Orion
team roles: chief curator and leader

Like all low-gravity tweaks, Gohar is tall and slender. In fact she is the tallest land-based member of the crew. Everything about her is elongated, and her skin is nearly translucent, especially on her head.

Along with her spouse Orion, she has been on the transapient museum ship the longest – and of all the ship’s residents, she is the one who knows it best. Beyond that, her history is a mystery. She rarely speaks of her past before serving aboard the ship, apparently preferring to live in the moment. Everyone else on the team has learned to accept that, even Amalia.

Whenever the team is aboard the ship, Gohar’s main responsibilities include studying, preserving, and writing about the artifacts kept in the ship’s “tail.” When the team is on assignment, she directs all its activities and studies new artifacts as they arrive.

The Team
The Planet
The Mystery
The Universe

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