Karel Vanek

age: 780
sex: male
clade: colbiörnsen
team roles: anthropologist, biologist

Karel Vanek originally came from the Inner Sphere. For reasons he has yet to disclose, he left the Inner Sphere to wander the galaxy, eventually meeting the transapient museum ship. Intrigued by its mission, he came aboard and has worked alongside the transapient ever since.

Karel is deeply caring and loyal to the people he loves. Gifted with a sense of humor, he can come up with a wry quip even in the most dire situations, and he exudes a quiet confidence through it all. Still, those who watch him can tell he has a darker side. He is a deep person who reveals little about himself, and whatever he keeps beneath the surface seems to disquiet him. Sometimes, for seemingly no reason, he goes through a “brooding season” where his temper escalates and he withdraws from others.

On archaeological assignments, Karel brings to the table a vast memory bank concerning human history, cultures, and biology. This breadth of knowledge is made possible by his augmented brain (standard technology in Y11K) and tachydidaxy, or speed-teaching.

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