Nephthys and Rune

age: around 650
sex: female
clade: cyborg
team roles: data analyst

Nephthys (pronounced NEF-tis) and Rune began their lives as separate nearbaselines. They met when they were very young and became close friends. Soon they discovered that they shared similar drives: a passion for acquiring knowledge, and a dedication to augmenting and improving themselves. They pursued these fascinations together, slowly melding their identities until, for all intents and purposes, they became one mind sharing two bodies. They even specialize in different abilities, reminiscent of the 20th century pop psychology notion of a left brain and right brain.

As team members aboard the ship, Nephthys and Rune are in charge of data analysis. Their highly augmented minds and processing abilities make them ideal candidates for the task. Between the two, Nephthys is best at processing emotional and visual data, while Rune is best at processing logical and auditory data. All other kinds of data are assigned using complex calculations concerning priority, context, and available memory.

The Team
The Planet
The Mystery
The Universe

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