age: ancient
sex: usually male
clade: aquatic tweak
relationships: partnered with Gohar
team roles: pilot, ship caretaker, remote advisor

Like his spouse Gohar, Orion has been aboard the transapient museum ship for time untold. Though he is more forthcoming about his personal history, still, he remains a mystery due to his age. There is simply too much to talk about, and to makes matters worse, he seems to underestimate how interesting his life has been.

As an aquatic tweak, Orion is not suited for life on land, and he cannot join the team on archaeological digs. Instead, he serves aboard the ship as its caretaker, using water tanks and pipes to get around. His form is fairly adaptable, allowing him to squeeze through tight spaces as he carries out his duties.

When the team is working at an archaeological site, Orion serves as a voice of wisdom from the sky. He also scans galactic communications and news and relays important information to the team. If they have deployed a planetary satellite network, he monitors the data from his watery environs on the ship.

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