Shan Losulusk

age: 510
sex: female
clade: lizard splice
team roles: assistant curator, caretaker, combat specialist

Shan hails from one of the larger population centers of the Outer Volumes, the same center Edic Tho wandered to at the start of his adventures. She and Edic met soon after his arrival, and they both encountered the transapient museum ship at the same time. While Edic was eager to work with the transapient, Shan was more cautious, only accepting the offer of work once the transapient “proved” itself.

Shan is the product of four different gene lines: those of a lizard splice, a typical nearbaseline, and two others. She resembles the lizard splice and nearbaseline the most, and was raised by a lizard splice.

Aboard the ship, Shan splits her time between assisting Amalia and Gohar in their curation efforts, and assisting Orion with taking care of the ship. On digs, she brings her previous experience as a combat specialist and scout into play.

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