Something Is Wrong On Vudu Shaa.

The team has investigated hundreds of ruins on hundreds of planets, and little surprises them anymore. Yet strange things are happening this time – things that shouldn’t happen.

Their reconnaissance and excavation drones, which they deploy on every dig, keep mysteriously breaking down…or worse, disappearing altogether.

Their satellite network can’t see certain parts of the planet, as if an ancient barrier is rendering those parts invisible to their instruments.

Strange creatures have been spotted from a distance, but never clearly enough to be identified.

Most concerning of all: every member of the team has suffered from unusual headaches. Yet, each time they attempt to find a cause, the headaches vanish without a trace.

The team is getting nervous. What terrible secret does this planet hold…and can they find out without becoming its prey?



The Team
The Planet
The Mystery
The Universe

“The Oracle Fragment” is being produced in collaboration with the Orion’s Arm Universe Project. To follow its development, subscribe to my blog!